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1. How will TimeLink's software be useful for my business?
[ Ans ] : TimeLink's software can be easily customized and tailor-made to suit your requirements. The principle factors governing the operations of TimeLink's software have been parameterized to provide the desired flexibility in running your business. Salient features that are exclusive to your business can be provided on request.
2. What technologies does TimeLink's software incorporate?
[ Ans ] : TimeLink's software has been developed using latest Microsoft Technologies combined with Ext JS Technologies. The Ext JS framework is supported in all the major Web browsers and provides excellent performance and well designed and extensible Component model.
3. How do I evaluate TimeLink's software?
[ Ans ] : You can request for a software demo, which will provide you with an insight into the working of TimeLink's software. Additionally, you can contact us at (852) 2210-7080 for a consultation or to schedule an online demonstration.
4. How do I install TimeLink's software after purchase?
[ Ans ] : Once you sign up for implementation of TimeLink's software at your facility, TimeLink's personnel will carry out the necessary installation work at your site on mutually agreed upon dates and take you live on the software.
5. What if I have any doubts regarding the software functionalities while using TimeLink's software?
[ Ans ] : TimeLink's software comes along with a comprehensive context-sensitive Help Manual. Additionally, TimeLink's support personnel will be available round the clock to assist you with any queries. For more information on our customer support, Click here.
6. Can I shift over to TimeLink's software from my existing software?
[ Ans ] : Yes, we have an automated conversion program and the conversion is possible along with the purchase. In case you have any questions regarding TimeLink's software, kindly feel free to contact us today!. We are available at your service.
7. Does TimeLink's software support web based platforms or windows based platforms?
[ Ans ] : Most of TimeLink's software has been changed to web based platforms. Some systems would support both web based platforms and windows based platforms.
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