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TimeLink CRM is a central place for your company to manage customer, vendor and partner data etc which we collectively call "account".
Each account can have multiple contacts and addresses.
Screenshot : showing an event structured in two levels
Scheduler items can be set up with accounts. These scheduler items can be organized into two levels. You may utilize this hierarchical capability to model tasks and sub-tasks, questions and answers, etc.
In addition to form base view, scheduler items can be viewed in a regular scheduler or a timeline scheduler.
 The regular scheduler allows you to comfortably read events that span hours.
 The timeline scheduler is designed to display events that span days and months.
Screenshot : showing time line scheduler
Screenshot : showing week scheduler
Scheduler items can be individually replicated to Outlook calendar items by a simple button click. They also popup automatically when time is due as long as you have the application open.
You will be able to attach notes and files to accounts. Better yet, you can classify these notes and files according to your need.
Dashboard holds compact (by screen real estate standard) applets that usually display summary and timely data by graphics. Because they are compact, you may choose a few of them to simultaneously show up. The following dash-let displays how many scheduler items each of your team members has in the current week.
Together with rich user interface like rating, percentage, slider
Screenshot : showing dashboard with 3 dashlets
CRM features do not just stop at the front end. The backend provides row level access support that allows more flexibility in configuring access to records.
Logging allows you to see editing history.
Screenshot : showing update log
Nested filtering tool allows you pinpoint the data you need from large data store.
Export capabilities allow you to take the data out and perform further analysis using external tools like Microsoft Office.
Screenshot : showing account multiple contacts, nested filtering tool, export option and rich UI controls.
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